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I started this site because I want to help you improving your life, so that you can help others to get a better quality of life.

I have worked as a therapist and have been teaching for many years.

One of my missions is to offer my online courses at prices affordable to everyone.

I would also like to help and inspire you to start up your own small business.

Everybody knows that it takes money to make money. Here you have the opportunity to learn exciting things which you can use to enrich your own and other people´s life.

Everything I teach you has been tested for several years on many clients. You will receive a certificate after completing each course. An investment in courses at Learn by JAN.com is minor compared to your options of multiple return when you convert your learning into action.

Benefits of E-­learning:

• Start learning now

• You can study when you have the time and energy

• Save expenses and time for transport. You can follow the courses in your own home

• You do not have to worry if a course should be canceled due too poor sign up rates

• You can save money chosing online learning as there will be no wasted time

• You receive a certificate after completing the course

On Learn by JAN.com you will find exciting courses in both Danish and English.

At the same time you will be part of our member group in which you are never alone. You can always get help via the support. Finally, I would really like to welcome you in the “club”

Healing course

I would like to help improve your life, so you can help others get better quality of life. I have been teaching many who have started their own businesses with healing and as you can see, it’s a small investment to create a business.

Basis hypnosis course

I’ve made a serious online basic hypnosis course so you can learn hypnosis step by step, so now you no longer need to spend your time at a physical hypnosis school


Very good :) can recommend it to others, I am confident that I can create great effect in my life now. Thanks


I signed up for the healing course. It was super easy and you showed everything step by step how I should do and ... IT WORKS. I have already helped many around me with incredible results. In fact, my course already earned back :) Thank you Jan

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