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    Welcome to hypnosis basic education. The program includes 8 modules, it is important that you take the time to train between each unit.
    I wish you good a exercise and do you have some questions, then just write to me at the support.

    History of hypnosis
    Ethical rules
    Various methods in hypnosis
    Learn about trance work
    Learn how to make effective trance words Learn about trance signs
    Learning trance process so you know you are doing everything right
    Learning about the depths of hypnosis
    Learning hypnoses test (learn from hypnosis show how they do)
    Learn about hypnotic Intersection processes
    Learn how you meet your client
    Learn your first hypnosis technique
    Learn the important conversation with your client
    Learning about the issues / challenges you might encounter
    Learning about what you should be careful about hypnosis
    Learn how to create confidence among your client
    Learn exciting of change techniques
    Learn to control people in hypnosis
    Learn How the mind can change a problem

    Learn exciting of change techniques
    Learn how to building self-esteem for your client
    Learn how to help your client in to trance
    Learn how to add / change your client’s resources
    Learn different techniques for contemplation
    Learn how to get a control person in hypnosis
    Learn about suggestions and how you make them
    Learn to work with how you can change a pain
    Learn how to numb an area in hypnosis
    Learn how to make your client smokeless
    Learn how to help your client to lasting weight loss
    Learn how to hypnosis to create healing for your client
    Learn how the subconscious mind can change a problem
    Learn a hypnosis technique you can use for all problem

    and much more

    Yes after this training you can start helping people as a therapist, I teach you only techniques that work.

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    Very good :) can recommend it to others, I am confident that I can create great effect in my life now. Thanks

    IT WORKS ….!

    I signed up for the healing course. It was super easy and you showed everything step by step how I should do and ... IT WORKS. I have already helped many around me with incredible results. In fact, my course already earned back :) Thank you Jan

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