Basis hypnosis course

2022 Professional hypnosis course

Education is in English

23 training units

Equivalent to 2 days of full tuition

Approved hypnosis course

No membership requirement in organizations

You have free support / Help

Always access to your hypnosis course

LEARN HYPNOSIS – in the right way

I’ve made a serious online basic hypnosis course so you can learn hypnosis step by step, so now you no longer need to spend your time at a physical hypnosis school, now you can learn the same online, just a lot cheaper.

The hypnosis course consists partly of knowledge about what we are working with in this field of therapy. But it also includes test techniques and exercises that you can easily do on your family or friend so you can find out if you can influence others. In this way, you can find out if you have the flair to work with people on this hypnosis course.

At this online hypnosis course you will learn a lot about hypnosis. You will learn how to bring a person in trance and after this course, you will know if it is something for you to learn the therapist techniques as a trained hypnosis therapist.

What do you learn about this hypnosis course?You learn about trance

You learn about ways you can work with hypnosis
You learn about what to take care of about hypnosis
You learn what you need to be aware of in the work of hypnosis
You learn to guide a client into & out of hypnosis
You learn a fast hypnosis technique
You learn the well-known trance technique
You learn how to perform a self-hypnosis
You learn to make a hypnosis (so you can try to affect a person)
You will get the exercise on PDF, which you can download
You learn a fun hypnosis test from the world of showhypnosis
(so you can try to influence others)
You learn change techniques
You can start working slowly with hypnosis

Yes, this is an incredibly exciting hypnosis course that contains a lot of knowledge.


This hypnosis course includes 17 videos and 6 PDF files that you can download so you can easily read what to do when you train.

The hypnosis course lasts over  minutes, which will correspond to what you want to learn at a physical school in a week, you should expect to see the video sometimes and on top of that you should try to practice the exercises for about 4 hours in total. You should expect a time consumption of approx. 10-15 hours over some time, so you get the right training.

So let me briefly repeat your benefits by educating you on this page:
You are taught in approved material within hypnosis
You are taught in the same material as used in the largest schools in Denmark and abroad the world
You do not have to be a member of any associations
You have full support from the online site
You always have access to your video material. This means that you can always see all the techniques if you have any doubts about your client’s arrival
You will receive a certificate on your future hypnosis education
After this course you can bring others in a trance
You gain access to many years of specialized knowledge, you can not learn elsewhere
You save a lot of money

if you wish to educate yourself after this course, this course is completely free if you buy a hypnosis training within 1 month of this course.

You just write to me on our support that you want to educate yourself. Then you receive a special discount code.

You are always welcome to contact me if you are unsure whether this course is right for you to start. You can always contact me on the support

2022 Hypnosis course
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Basic hypnosis course


Feedback from students

Hi Jan

I was actually curious about hypnosis was something for me so it was a good option just to try some techniques, but I was actually quite good at it and it was very good thank you 🙂 I definitely have to train myself for a therapist and learn even more


fun just trying the different things a bit, I decided to start training with you soon. Regards Lars


Very good :) can recommend it to others, I am confident that I can create great effect in my life now. Thanks


I signed up for the healing course. It was super easy and you showed everything step by step how I should do and ... IT WORKS. I have already helped many around me with incredible results. In fact, my course already earned back :) Thank you Jan

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