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Professional training in hypnosis since 2016
This Basic Hypnosis training at LearnbyJAN is a professional training in hypnosis. It contains all information and techniques required at the international level. You can take the program without any prior knowledge of hypnosis.

Basic training in hypnosis is for anyone interested in the human mind and the desire to work with and help other people. In hypnosis training you will learn all about hypnosis completely from the base. We are going forward step by step quietly and you should not hold you back, even if you have no experience in the field.

Anyone can join and anyone can learn hypnosis
Through theory and practical exercises you will achieve complete confidentiality with hypnosis world this interesting training in hypnosis. Education in hypnosis is going on with video lessons as well as written material that you can download and put into a folder.

Here you will learn the full curriculum online from your home. It runs as a self-study but with free mail support / Skype support so you are never alone, there is always help if you need it.
So wherever you are in the world, I can help you

All teaching material is in English

You will become a skilled hypnosis therapist
On training as a hypnotist you will learn to use hypnosis in a safe and balanced way. You learn to work with the subconscious mind and to map the mind wisdom, creativity and great resources. Hypnosis training will also give you greater self-knowledge and increase your quality of life. That you could use to guide others on the basis of your own experience and your new insight.

You learn about how tone of voice helps to reinforce the hypnotic state. You learn questioning techniques for setting goals for the client and you learn to formulate a desired goal, so it can be reached. You learn different hypnotic techniques, so you after this training will be able to bring others in hypnosis (trance) and guide them to positive change. You learn about hypnotic language, effective suggestion, stages of hypnosis and hypnotic phenomena. With this training/education you can help others with.
Anger, Stress, Besome smoke free, Anxiety, Motivation, Pain relief, Healing of emotions… and more…

Learn what works in real life
There are many that offer every kind of teaching but here you learn only things / techniques that work in the real world, it’s techniques I have used for many years and I know works, it is really important to pay attention to if you will help other people as an therapist.

You will be set well into a hypnosis session structure, you learn everything you need to know about basic foundation in hypnosis, so you can become a skilled hypnosis therapist. There will be an online exam test after training last lesson. After graduation you will receive a certificate. Online education correspond to an 7-day full training in private physical school, but here are all the breaks, lunch, talk, time wasted sorted completely gone.

An average hypnosis treatment cost is today around 100 EUR, so your hypnosis education will be earned home again in only 4-5 hypnosis treatments.

Everyone knows that it costs money to make money, this training is also a valuable investment for you. An investment in LearnbyJAN is a small deposit, but will give you a great return when you converte your learning into practice.

You get match guarantee on this training, you should do find the same hypnosis education cheaper elsewhere we’ll match the price.pris-match

Customer service

Is there anything I can help you with? Is there anything further you need to know about Hypnosis advance education? So write to me, I will be happy to talk to you regards Jan

2022 Hypnosis advance education
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Hypnosis basic education program


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Read here what others thought about Hypnosis education at learnbyJAN

I immediately fell for the hypnosis course and not least because I could take the course at my own pace. I have a busy day so I can learn theory and techniques and work with practice”rabbits”when it suits me was amazing. I feel well dressed – thank you so much for a good hypnosis education

regards Stephanie

Hi Jan

The best trip I have been to and WHAT IT WORKS. Always get answers from support when I’ve written about the things that can be difficult.
Thank you for your trip
Oluf Jakobsen

Nice way to take an education – easy-to-reach and serious education


I have been very fond of this education, which has always been very fast and full support for understanding questions or when good and concrete advice is to be given.
I have been completely confident in your good way of teaching and you are very professional.
I feel ready to help others get better quality of life through the hypnosis.
I will keep an eye if you do more courses

Regards Kirsten

I have now completed the hypnosis program and would like to thank you for your professional way of teaching and your ability to learn from you, you explain everything very well, I think you have an incredible insight into the mind of man and it has just been right exciting all the way through. I have to say I have wanted to learn more and I would highly recommend others to learn from Jan.

Regards Lene

Hi Jan there was probably a lot of videos but I could see them again and again,
I am in the process of practicing and thanks for your quick support?

What do you learn in the basic hypnosis traning program

History of hypnosis
Various methods in hypnosis
Learning about trance work
Learn how to make effective trance words
Learning about trance signs
Doctrine trance process so you know you are doing everything right
Learning about the depths of hypnosis
Learning hypnosis test (learn from show hypnosis how they do)
Learning about hypnotic Intersection processes
Learn how you meet your client
Learn your first hypnosis technique
Learning the important conversation with your client
Learning about the issues / challenges you may encounter
Learning about what you should be careful about hypnosis
Learning how to create confidence among your client
Learn exciting of change techniques
Learn how to make the fund reinforcement for your client
Learn how to make effective trance for your client
Learn how to add / change your client’s resources
Learn various techniques for contemplation
Learn how to get a “control freak” into hypnosis
Learn About suggestions and how to make them
learn a hypnosis technique you can use for all problem positions

Yes after this training you can start helping people as hypnosis therapist, I teach you only techniques there works. You get excercises on videos, audio files, PDF exercises in writing (printable) Examination test, Full support. Everything you need.


Very good :) can recommend it to others, I am confident that I can create great effect in my life now. Thanks


I signed up for the healing course. It was super easy and you showed everything step by step how I should do and ... IT WORKS. I have already helped many around me with incredible results. In fact, my course already earned back :) Thank you Jan

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